You must have heard and even studied a lot about Law of attraction. Have you ever applied it on you?  Today I want to discuss with regarding applying law of attraction listening to music. Music comes with emotion and power .When we listen to music we smile, cry, etc. We try to connect it to our circumstance which can be a happy going types or a sad one. Sometime we try to connect a song which have past memory with our ex -boyfriend or ex -girlfriend. Have you ever wondered how come just after listening to an emotional song, tear starts rolling from eyes down to cheeks .Music can take us back to most happiest moments or to the most painful time. There are many songs that remind us of past good or bad experience. When it comes to remembering of good times, it is to be enjoyed but when it comes of remembering those not so good times which again stirs up thoughts and past memories and stop from moving forward ,we start  resisting ourselves from moving forward because unintentionally we are using law of attraction which is responding to the vibrations that we are emitting out conveying our weak emotions of attachment with the past that has hurt us so much.


This not only happens with the circumstance involving romance or hatred but it applies to our studies, beauty, jobs, career, health everything. The reason behind this is that from our present emotions and thoughts, we are creating our present and future. So if we are listening to happy go jolly types song we feel happy from inside also and put ourselves on higher vibrations .On the contrary if we stuck with the past memories through music which is putting us in an aura of low vibration, we tend to move in the same vicious circle of Attracting low vibrational physical manifestations that we are emitting out at this present moment. So understanding this one can start manifesting good things or lower vibrational things by using one (musical) of several ways of law of attraction. What song you want to feel ,what visualization you want to put into it ,what result you want from that…that is up to you.


Lets try to apply it now:

For example

If you are a girl and often feel bad getting not so good comments  from persons who hardly have any place in your life and only give importance to outer beauty. When a girl listens to such negative things again and again most of them have tendency to lose confidence and further stop giving importance to their appearance which ultimately makes them feel more sad and they try to keep themselves target of becoming beautiful, smart again and again, and such targets are then postponed and further postponed. If you are such a case , then you can give start listening to songs that convey beauty of a girl .Listening to those songs again and again can bring back that confidence in you. You start visualizing yourself as that model or heroine in a song and gradually you will start seeing yourself smiling again, wearing those clothes in which you look smarter and finally getting complements that will make your face smile this time.





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