Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers are simply the sequences of numbers that are repeatedly seen throughout our daily life, like the number patterns that catch the attention of our eye. Let’s take an example, of the number 111. We may repeatedly glance at the clock each and every day to find the time is 11:11. How do we know to look at the clock at that exact moment each day. Some people wake at night at exactly 3:33. Then everywhere they look they keep seeing only 3’s. They may live in apartment 33 on the 3rd floor of the building and catch bus number 33 each day to work. It is so much hard to ignore such coincidences, and people get a growing feeling that there is a reason for this. Even for the people who do not believe in angels!

Are the Angel Numbers seriously Real?

Absolutely true, according to the angels themselves. Yet not everyone will believe in them, and that is totally fine. The more intuitive we are, the more real they appear. Even the disbelievers begin to question and open up their intuition when enough odd number occurrences begin to happen to them. This is the fun of numbers. Angels love to make us think, wake us up, and it is all in fun! They want us to believe in them, and why not.

What is the Meaning of Angel Numbers

0 – You are receiving divine guidance and reassurance on your path.

1 – Keep your thoughts positive, focus on your desires and suppress your fears. Your thoughts create reality.

2 – Stay optimistic and continue to hold the vision, even through tough times.

3 – Your guides are with you offering love and wisdom.

4 – Your angels are surrounding you to offer assistance in this exact moment.

5 – Positive change is coming. Ask your angels to help you manifest this change.

6 – Release fear, embrace trust, and find balance between the spiritual and material realms.

7 – Your path is aligned with Divine fortune. Pay attention to new opportunities.

8 – Infinite success and abundance are yours, in alignment with your Higher Purpose.

9 – It is time to begin the work of your Soul Path, now that you have all you need.

11 – Your intuition is on target. Keep your thoughts and vision aligned with your intention and your greatest dreams.

22 – Be patient, your prayers have been received and will soon be realized if you continue to work towards them.

Comment below your angel number, which you have experienced in your life.

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