A very natural yet intense emotional response, anger is a very common experience. Anger is a response to anything is a violation of one’s boundaries, hurt, insult, betrayal and much more. Anger like love is an emotional response and be triggered by anything and everything in the surrounding. Again, it means different things to different people. Let us explore what anger means to each zodiac sign and how do they express their anger…

Aries are prone to temper tantrums

The first sign in the zodiac, Aries is often called the baby of the zodiac signs and very rightly so! This volatile fire sign, a cardinal sign by nature, is easily angered! Just like toddlers, their angry outbursts are silly temper tantrums most of the time. The Aries individual is easily angered because of their Moon, i.e. their inner feels and Mars (masculine) signs are in conflict.

Taurus can be a raging bull!

The bull is not easily angered. Patient & grounded, it takes a lot to anger the Taurean but once done, there is no stopping the raging bull! They can be very violent if pushed over the edge. Unlike an Aries’ spontaneous explosion, anger for a Taurean builds slowly.  It is best to stay away from the bull when angry.

Gemini will not back out of arguing

Geminis have an extended spectrum of patience, what with being the messengers among the zodiac signs; they are constantly dealing with people and seeking out information. Hence, they are generally adaptable. They can be very vicious & lash out with much fierceness & cold-heartedness. While not ruled by fire, they are angered because they are a masculine sign. So when angered, yelling and serious arguing are common symptoms. It is worse when embroiled with Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or a Scorpio.

Cancer is prone to emotional outbursts

Much like a Taurus, a Cancer is not easily angered but it is best not to mess with a crab. When highly emotional, a Cancer is unpredictable and so is their temper. They will bring in the past, present & future thoughts about a topic when angered just like a swollen river breaking free from a dam. Worst, their outburst will end in lots of tears because they are overwhelmed with many emotions.

A Leo’s rage is violent

To the regal Lion, his pride is everything but hurt easily. They are dominating creatures and if things do not go their way, they will fiercely hunt people who do not agree with them. Calm and composed in most situations, when a Leo is truly angered, they will definitely go in for the kill!

Virgo has a ferocious temper inside

An earth sign, a Virgo too, is not easily angered. They possess a great deal of patience and self-control. But this sign is most misunderstood, their quest for perfection is often seen as indecisiveness and deemed finicky. Because people do not understand them, their frustration piles on. Finally, anything can trigger a ferocious temper and they can be violent like an Aries. Virgos cannot control their tempers and often end up hurting themselves in the process.

Anger is a Libra’s best kept secret

The balance loving Libra is the calmest being among the zodiac signs. He is diplomatic and works to maintain harmony among all. However, there are exceptions to the cause and Libra’s angry outbursts can be deadly. Apparently, it is said that a Libra’s anger in unmatched to that of any of the zodiac signs. They do well to keep it concealed most of the time when acting as the mediators for others.

Scorpio will always seek revenge

The most intense and secretive among the zodiac signs is deep like the ocean and hence, their anger, like them, is unfathomable. You definitely do not want to piss off a Scorpio and if you, god help you then! Their anger is like the worst flood that is at once destructive & unforgiving. One can be sure a Scorpio will always seek revenge.

Sagittarius are confused by anger!

An optimistic sign, the Sagittarius is very patient. They always see the good side of people as well as things. However, they are oblivious to the hurt they cause & will end up behaving like the victim. They do get very angry, but they will not display it most of the times. Also, if the anger is uncontrollable, they would not know how to react.

Capricorn won’t spare their friends even!

The Capricorn is a no-nonsense zodiac sign. Generally, they are able to mask their anger behind piles of work but when pushed beyond a limit, you will most certainly hear a Capricorn yelling and create a scene irrespective of the time and location. It is quite shocking as they do not care who they are shouting at then!

Beware of the Aquarius’ razor sharp tongue

This air sign is the happy-go-lucky kinds and is not riled easily. They are diplomatic in their approach to life, work, friends and family. Also, they are not swayed easily by emotions. When upset, they tend to use their razor sharp tongue and their indifferent attitude comes out full-blown.

Pisces love to sulk

The Pisces, a water sign, is a sensitive creature. They are also overly sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions. However, they are known to be easily offended. Once, they are angry, a tantrum is sure to follow. They can be nasty when upset and will not back down with their insults. They are known to sulk as well and this can go on for a while!

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