Basil – A Magical Plant

Basil known as Tulsi in hindi is more of a sacred herb .Popular in India besides its medicinal properties,it possesses a large platform on  spiritual ground as well.It is often used while invoking Lord Vishnu. Like supreme sacred plant lotus ,it comes in the same category. Basil is a  magical herb, which not only protects the home, brings love and peace but also draws money towards the user. It can be soaked in water for few days and then that water can be used to sprinkle at doorstep to bring money, keep evil away and to keep happiness at home. If the same is Sprinkled on the floor and swiped out the back door, evil cannot dare to enter where Basil has been.


Moreover keeping basil in pocket attracts money. Another tip to fill your piggy bank fast is to take a jar put at least a penny every day and spray basil water on the coins to attract more of money into your jar as well as loads of it following in your everyday life.

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