Rose is the Queen of flowers and it depicts ‘ROYALTY AND HONOUR’. It is the National Flower of many countries too.

  • Roses symbolizes Angels and Miracles like “God’s Heavenly Garden with Bed of Roses”.
  • According to report, Rose Flower Enhances Love and Marriage Luck. They are symbolic of deep love, desire and passion. They depict Deep Love for your Beloved and gifted on Valentine’s Day.
  • According to VAASTU SHASTRA, Rose plant placed in South-West position grown indoors is auspicious and may bring a fresh, pleasant feel to your home.
  • Roses are called Gulab in Hindi. Hindus see roses as expressions of spiritual joy as it provides an aesthetic appeal, which contributes to the overall pleasure and feeling of well being. Roses are used for healing and rejuvenation.
  • Rose flowers are used in a regimens for good health. As, rose oil and rose water have valuable properties i.e. good for face and skin.
  • Rose petals are used for aroma therapy in many Health Spa’s and Dermatological clinics, as the rose essence is inhaled, via steam.


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