One Mukhi Rudraksha


One mukhi Rudraksha is the most auspicious and rarely found bead. Due to its single seed inside the bead it is so rare to find and hence becomes an exclusive and special piece for the wearer. One mukhi Rudraksha is highly praised in the ancient Puranas. The effects of wearing this Rudraksha are good health, wealth and attainment of supreme knowledge and liberation. One mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Adi-Shiva. It enhances meditation and spiritual augmentation and helps the wearer to become a Yogi while amassing wealth. This means that the wearer earns enough wealth through his life purpose but remains unattached.

Other Details of Rudraksha 1

  • Symbol of : Lord Shiva
  • Ruling Planet : Sun
  • Ruling God: Omkar
  • Day of wearing : Monday
  • Recommended for : Diseases of Heart, Blood, Veins, Headache, Heart Disease and Right Eye Defect.
  • Influence on body organ: Pineal, Pituitary, Optic chiasma, Hypothalamus
  • Properties: It is believed that it washes away the sins as serious as killing of Brahmin (Brahman Hatya). Wearer acquires Brahma Gyani.e. win over all his senses. It gives eternal bliss to the wearer and moksha after death.
  • People’s experience: Wearing one mukhi helps to overcome from the habits like smoking, drinking, drug abuse tobacco chewing overeating, excessive talking.

Benefits of Rudraksha one

This fulfills desires and cuts down the problems and impediments created by the Government or superiors. It raises a person level to a very high level and leadership qualities are developed by its constant use. In astrology it is also used to removes the malefic effects of Sun.


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