Royal Astrology or Tambula Prasna (‘Tambula’ means betel leaf and ‘Prasna’ means query), is an intricate divination method practiced only in Kerala, a southernmost state in India. The Betel Leaf Reading derives answers and predictions which is based on the PRESENT, the time which you select sacred betel leaves in our specially developed online format. Royal Astrology taps into the cosmic time window surrounding you and your interaction with the betel leaves to reveal deeply insightful solutions to your current problems.

How Does Betel Leaf Astrology Work?

You are not a mere listener in the prediction process. Betel Leaf Astrology requires your complete participation.

Critical components of Betel Leaf Astrology

  • The time of query- the moment of time at which you submit your key questions is extremely significant (It is not the same as the time you place the order for Betel Leaf Reading)
  • The nature and quality of the betel leaves of the leaves you select- the number of leaves, their physical appearance, and your action is called a ‘Nimitha’ or a trigger
  • Betel Leaf Astrology Planetary chart creation which is based on the time of your submission of key questions
  • The identification of the key planets that hold insights for you- the act of combining the planetary positions with your selected betel leaves.


-Written by

Udit Agarwal

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