Breathing color is a meditation form. You simply imagine yourself inhaling and exhaling the colors. Do this in comfortable sitting or lying position. Breathe about twelve to eighteen times a minute until you have a consistent rhythm. Surround yourself in a white light that starts at your head and goes down to the feet and out through the toes. Keep this vision in your mind for about two minutes.
Now visualize yourself surrounded by the intense light of the color you choose. Red, Yellow, and Orange are drawn up through the feet from the Earth. Blue, Indigo, and Violet are drawn down from the atmosphere through the head. Green, however, is its own entity. It should be seen as coming into the abdomen on a horizontal level. You take a few minutes to let the green rise up from the abdomen, then another few minutes to let the green flow down toward the feet.
Breathe in the color and let it journey to your lungs and heart and solar plexus. As you breathe out, visualize the complementary color.
Now bathe your entire body in a pure white light for two to three minutes.
You can do this exercise in the morning or at night in the bath. Simply relax and give yourself time to enjoy and visualize the colors that you need to have.

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