Candles are now not just a object of blowing  on birthday or lighting when electricity goes off. A large group of person who are aware of candle rituals understand the importance it have in creating a mystical atmosphere of vibrations and energy. It represents the element of Fire, and can be used to release  negative or bring positive energy. Some people use white as an universal color  while some use particular coloured candles for desired wish.It varies person to person,situation to situation and type of energy required .  One can also carve symbols, runes, etc to the candle to represent the result you wish to achieve.

Here is a list of colour of candle and what is symbolises

White  symbolises purity and innocence, peace, healing, clarity.  It aids in meditation.

Yellow symbolises inspiration and creativity, confidence and charm and improves power and self-esteem.

Orange  represents  joy and success. It is used  for  bringing fortune, prosperity and for  attracting friends  and opportunities

Pink represents  friendship,romance, compassion,  joy, harmony and self-love.

Red is the colour of fire and passion.  It represents  love, sex, fertility.

Purple is associated with third eye chakra, psychic abilities, spiritual awakening.One should  Meditate  with a purple candle to reduce stress and to pen third eye.

Blue is is connected to spirituality and promotes wisdom,.

Green is associated growth, and fertility used for attracting money ,abundance and generosity and financial success.

Brown is the colour of earth.It promotes  material gain, wealth and stability. Also used to protect and heal animals.

Gold encourages success, wealth,  victory, masculine energy etc.

Black is used to absorb or banish negativity.  It reverses curses and hexes.  It is used for removal of black magick, and ridding of bad habits.

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