Shankh was one of the gift which came out at the time of great ocean-churning.The spiral formation inside the conch -shell is symbolic of infinite space which gradually expands in clock-wise direction.

An attractive shankh having its mouth on right side was accepted by God Vishnu and while the other having left-side opening adores the hand of Goddess Lakshmi .Both are considered as auspicious.The blowing of Shankh shows every important event and auspicious celebration to call the faithfuls at the beginning of worship of the deity.

At the time of the battle field of Kurukshetra in mahabharat,war was signaled by the blowing of Shankh every day and war for that day used to be ended with blowing of the shankh in the evening .

Some of the famous known shankh are:

PANCHJANYA- used by Shree Krishna,

DAKSHINAVARTI – used by Lakshmi

DEVADATTA- used by Arjun

MAHA SHANKH- used by Bhimma

ANANT VIJAY- used by Yudhishthir

MANI PUSHPA -used by Sahadeva

SUGHOSH- used by Nakul

POUNDRA- used by Vridokar

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