Mind plays an important role in determining one’s reality. The combination of our belief , hopes, feelings build up the “reality” that we experience and this reality differ from person to person.

No two individuals perceive or interpret the world exactly alike, even-though there may be a consensus, a collective consciousness underlying everyday objective consciousness that forms a basic reality for individuals or entities vibrating at mutual wavelengths. This is sometimes called a “shared-dream.” We empower our dreams to cause fear or love within us. The unlimited power is really within our beings and not existing externally. It exists within ourselves.

We judge others by our own moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical standards. We consider this as the “norm.” Just because someone’s perception or understanding is different from ours is no reason for condemnation and destruction, so long as that person’s understanding does no harm to any being.

What we realize in our minds are our realizations, hence, our reality. What really exists out there beyond our objective, everyday consciousness and perception, is “actuality”-the actual state of things: a whole spectrum of energies vibrating at varying frequencies. But returning to the physical level in relationship to one’s personal reality, consideration should also be given that the normal five senses are often tricked by external stimuli forming illusions in the consciousness. It is the awareness, knowing and understanding of this Truth that will liberate us from mortality, from the world of relativity and duality, and the world of illusions that bind us to a never-ending cycle of reincarnation.

One person’s mortal reality is not superior to another. However, each reality gives us certain experiences that we dualistically interpret as “good” and “bad”; “earthly” and “spiritual;” “beneficial” and “non-beneficial,” etc. We usually interpret our experiences from a pessimistic or optimistic point of view. This is often called “negative” and “positive” thinking.

We are often told that a positive outlook of things is beneficial to our lives–and so it is. Compared to a negative frame of mind, it is much wiser to see the positive side in all experiences. Divine thinking on the other hand, cause one to understand that every phenomenon and experience as illusory. It helps us to center ourselves in our divinity with its blissful and joyful nature. Divine thinking helps us to untie ourselves from things that are unreal–from Maya, glamour and illusions. There is power in desire but it has to be appropriated correctly for spiritual, selfless and sacred concerns. Instead of beautifying oneself through artificial methods, one should maintain divine thought, this would have a rejuvenating effect upon our psychology and physiology making us youthful and beautiful.

To be an Immortal we must think like one. Immortal concepts should replace mortal notions, beliefs and falsehoods. There are many principles involved. If we were to pattern our lives after the great spiritual avatars that have appeared from time to time on the physical stage of ,we would make leaps and bounds in our spiritual journey back to our Source.

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