It happens in most of the time when we think that we have been misused, betrayed, cheated and others are taking advantages of us irrespective of business or relationship. We pay too much attention and keep on holding these past events on our mind. We mostly wreathed by tension and stress which leads to end of happiness as we give importance to those things that are lying somewhere in the corner of our mind.

To get rid of these negative emotions, the most powerful tool is FORGIVENESS. It is said to be a miracle. If we make room for forgiveness in our life then the negative feelings like resentment, grudges, jealousy and hatred can easily be removed. The law of forgiveness says “you are what you think you are.”  You will be identified as what you think of yourself or we can say that the way you sees yourself, is the way you develop yourself. We attract only those situation into our life which are rotating in our mind. If we will going to think of resentment then it will going to throw more resentments.

Our mind is like soil and thoughts are like seeds. What we sow into our mind, we will get that quality of plant. When we think of past negative events then we are sowing negative things as a result we face lot of problems in present situation. We ruin our health and life for unwanted thoughts or unwanted person. Do we deserve this?

We keep on thinking “when will I get rid of these things?” we will be free from this when we stop sowing negative past into the soil and how can we do this? Simple answer is by law of forgiveness. Forgive everyone who hurt you and install happiness and blissfulness into your life. Of course, it can happen when someone says “Is forgiveness be that easy?” you can never understand how much he/she has hurt me, done wrong with me and indulge me in heavy problem. But in such circumstances, one need to understand that who is suffering? We or the third person who has hurt you. Who is stressful? We or the third person.

No doubt, its only we. We are affecting by these negative emotions, ultimately it ruin our mental health. Forgiveness is for others. Forgive others not because they deserve it but because we deserve peace and gaiety in your life.

 There are five miracles under forgiveness concept which can change your life forever:

  1. Forgiveness is freedom: it sets you free. When you set free to others then it brings freedom. You will feel free like someone has unlocked the handcuff from your hands or a big burden has removed from your mind. This attracts positivity and remove negativity.
  2. Provides positive aura: resentment, jealousy, hatred when these things are being removed from our life then along with this negative energies also get removed. We are surrounded by Aabha Mandal and aura. Aura is made up of those emotions which we have. Whatever seed we plant into the soil that create the Aabha Mandal or aura. What aura do you have? When you release negativity then positive aura is created. We attract only high frequency things. Our face shows charm when we finally get rid of stress. You can feel it easily.
  3. Forgiveness makes you strong: many people thinks that forgiving others is the job of weak person. It is nothing like that. To forgive someone one need to have courage and power. Weak people can never forgive someone. It is a job of mentally strong people. You will be more strong when you forgive someone. We can increase the factor of forgiveness by practice it.
  4. Forgiveness makes you light: it can make you as light as feather that can raise you up in life. Night brings darkness because the sun sets but it doesn’t mean the sun gets disappear from the universe. It simply means the sun has hidden somewhere and not appearing from your side. Likewise, happiness from life has not been went to somewhere, your mind just has got stuck to somewhere else. Forgiveness develops you as a great and strong personality and a bit raise you up.
  5. Forgive and you will be forgiven: person who forgive others is also entitled to be forgiven when he commits any mistake in life. You are what you think you are, so when you think to forgive then you yourself attracts forgiveness for you also. Even you will be entitled to be forgiven by the almighty God.

So, live your life with liveliness. Stay happy and be alive.


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