Coffee cup reading or coffee fortune telling is an occult art  for interpreting residual coffee grounds in the cup and on the saucer and then predicting future from it. This art of coffee cup reading started Turkey in the 16th century. It is also known by names like tasseography or tasseomancy.In coffee cup reading,a reader predicts future from the patterns that are formed on the surface of the cup .The shapes and images formed from the coffee ground have different meanings or symbols and relate to some event.Coffee cup reading is very popular in Turkey ,Greece, Russia and Middle East countries.


Practicing coffee cup reading requires good intuition and connectivity with symbols. Readers interpret the patterns in the coffee cup and relate it to past, present and future happenings of the person.

Coffee cup reading has a lot of things that one needs to consider. One important aspect is to find the positive and negative signs in the cup.Coffee cup readers follow their own pattern of reading cup through symbols formed therein.


Some common symbols resembling good luck are bird,fish,cresent moon,angel,mermaid,palm tree,ring while knife, broken ring,claw,crow are some of images that go with bad news. Reader also relates numbers as dates, time or age and Letters of alphabet as initials of someone’s name or some place.

So,next time you have a cup of coffee relax and enjoy your coffee. And who knows, maybe you hold your future without knowing it…


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