Hand mudra for weight loss

The word mudra is a Sanskrit word that is used for hand gesture. Hand and fingers positions are held together in certain way to direct the body energy or prana force in specific pattern that supports healing. In the practice of yoga,mudras invoke divine power in the mind.

Hand Mudra for weight loss – Surya Mudra

In Surya Mudra, the ring finger is placed at the base of the thumb. And then ring finger is pressed gently with the thumb. Earth Element (in the ring finger) is associated with the weight gain. The suppression provided by the thumb on the ring finger will result in equal suppression of earth element. Hence this will result in weight loss.

Benefits of Hand Mudras

It is believed that practicing hand mudras regularly can yield health benefits. Five elements are associated with five fingers of the hand.  So by holding the fingers in particular gesture tends to maintain a balance among these elements. Yogic philosophy assigns specific internal organs to each of the fingers, and so holds that using mudras will correspond to enhanced function of internal organs. Mudras are said to cure mental heaviness, reduce body fat, normalize blood pressure and even strengthen the heart.

There are many diseases associated with overweight. So it is very important to keep weight under control. Surya Mudra is very effective in controlling weight. Try this mudra and share your experience with the community.

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Udit Agarwal


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