Human is busy in his daily life and has forgotten about his powers lying within his mind.A mind works on 2 levels or parts namely conscious mind and subconscious mind.These conscious mind and subconscious mind are capable are acting independently as well as collectively .Our conscious mind learns and observes through environment with the help of five senses on the other hand our subconscious mind works on intuition or sixth sense .It is controlled by suggestions,whatever suggestion good or bad is given to subconscious mind it accepts it.It is like a seed sown in fertile land ,it is up to us to plant sunflower or cactus.You must have seen many people who do not need alarm to get up in morning at the time they want.It is because they give suggestion to their subconscious mind to wake them at a time say 6.00 a.m. and doing this practice daily makes them wake up by the alarm of their subconscious mind and they get up at the desired time they want to.So the power is within the mind,it is just about putting battery in the clock of subconscious mind to ring alarm.

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