When we hear the term Vaastu, the first thing comes to our mind is loads of do’s and don’ts. Of course, Vaastu has a wide concept which is difficult to understand in a first go. It has the significance in all the fields of life viz. business, education, home management etc. The day-to-day Vaastu tips have the miracle power to convert misfortune into fortune. So, following are some questions for you that can enhance your curiosity to read this more.

Do you want to eradicate all the misfortune from your home? Don’t you want to live with peace and prosperity in life? Do you want to attract a lot of positive vibes to your life? If yes, then here are some Vaastu tips given below for you to create fortune and enhance positivity in your lifestyle:

  • Always play a hymn for a while in the morning.
  • Never keep the broom in standing position in your house, never pass over the broom, never touch it with your legs, otherwise you will lose the goodness of your home. Always keep the broom hidden.
  • Never take food on your bed, by doing this, heavy loss of money may occur. Goddess Laxmi will get offended also. It can create turbulence in your home.
  • Never place your shoes and slippers in upside down manner, it creates disturbance in the home.
  • Do worship in the morning between 6 am and 8 am by sitting at asan on the floor and your face should be in north or east direction. It will be better if the asan will of jute.
  • Always keep the first chapatti separate for the cow. This can make the deity delightful as well as ancestors will also get peace.
  • Always keep a bowl full of water in the worship place at your home, is possible keep it in the northeast direction.
  • Never blow out the pure things of worship like aarti, deep, pooja agni with the mouth. They are symbols of purity.
  • Always put incense stick, ingredients of hawan kund at the east south direction in worship place.
  • Draw swastika at the right side of the main entrance of the house.
  • Never let the spider net stay at home otherwise it becomes a barrier in the path of good fortune and good deeds.
  • Mop the floor once in a week with salty water it renounces all the negative energy from home.
  • The first ray of sunlight should reach to your worship place at home.
  • If you have any established statue of god at home then never forget to worship it daily.


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