As far as numerology of India is concerned, republic of India was formed on 26 January 1950 so let’s study this date from numerology point of view.First lets divide it into 3 parts so as to study it in more depth.
26-> 2+6-> 8
1-> 1
1950-> 1+9+5+0-> 15->1+5->6
now let’s add these three numbers i.e 8+1+6-> 15->1+5->6
Now as you can see 6, being most important number for India,is governed by planet Venus.This number give the high degree of life force.Venus gives interest in different cultures,art,music, literature and India is known in world for that. Six is a harmonious number .It is clear from the fact that even after having 2nd rank in world population ,people of India believe in harmony and peace. Infact there are numerous places where people are in complete harmony without any major police force.

Now let’s see what are the challenges that India is facing .For this ,we need to see the gaps of number .

Difference between 8 & 1 is 7 which represents “ketu”.Usually this number represents visionary and far sighted approach and keen interest in religious activities and occult science.This spirituality is a matter of pride for our country as of all the organised religions of the world,Hinduism focuses on world peace and enlightenment.But due to large number of dogmas and concepts ,our country also gets crippled.Moreover this number also shows struggle enmity or difference and disappointment in some cases like we have seen in case of its relations with some neighbor country.

Second gap is 2 (8-6) which represents moon planet.It is a number of sensitivity ,intuition ,feminine wisdom. Whereas this feminine wisdom is good for our country but is still untapped. But due to diplomacy of “2” India faces hardship in overcoming racism and have and have nots approach.It becomes clear from this point that a country which is known for its spiritual wealth and people devoting their lives in search of enlightenment , also have large number of population who can kneel down for some pennies only.

6 & 1 i.e 5 is for mercury.This planet represent freedom,adaptability.Its live and let live mindset and acceptance of unconventional ideas and lifestyle is rare in other part of the world which can be seen from different culture people living in India.But at the same time there is inflexible attitude towards traditions which needs to be improved so that flexibility can be maintained for utmost good.

Now lets see word India from point of view of numerology.

India = I+N+D+I+A =1+5+4+1+1 =12 =1+2=3 .12 shows deep love with others,act as preacher ,reliable ,balanced, but it is a weaker number in 3 (Jupiter) series and shows sacrifice ,restlessness , rigidity also .If we compare it with word BHARAT i.e B+H+A+R+A+T =2+5+1+2+1+4=15=6 shows quality of maintaining social harmony, justice and high level of financial success.

Hence name BHARAT can give more progress ,standard and individual happiness to our country.

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