Everyone desires to have lots of money — money is probably the most important thing that is needed for survival, along with food. However, can you get rich just by hard work? Sometimes, everything seems to be going in our favour — even then, we can’t seem to have enough money — and even if we do, it tends to finish up quickly. Financial crunch can be the result of bad Vastu in the house.Here is a list of things you should keep in your house to attract good vastu and increase the inflow of money in your house.

Hanuman idol

Keep a panchroop idol of Hanuman in the south west direction of your house — praying to this idol daily will remove any financial obstacles in your life.

Lakshmi kuber photo

On the main entrance of your house, stick a picture of Goddess Lakshmi ,Kuber or a Swastik. Doing so will ensure that your money does not leave the house.


Keep an earthen pot of water, also known as the Surahi in the northern corner of the house. Make sure it is made up of mud. This will make sure that any money you earn stays in the house only. Also make sure that the Surahi is always filled with water. Once you empty it to have some water, refill it immediately. Do not leave the Surahi open. Keep it covered.

Metal fish and turtle

Keeping a metal fish and turtle is considered to be auspicious for the house. It is said to remove all household problems and keeps the family healthy as well.

For shops

If you have a shop or business then make sure that your cash locker faces the north direction — this will make sure that cash inflow is constant in the shop.



Do not store mops, brooms and shoes under your staircase — having clutter under the staircase leads to bad vastu and hence poverty in the house.

Gas stove

Make sure that you do not keep your gas stove in the north direction — it is said that it burns away all the finances of the house.


Bright lights

Refrain from keeping your house dark — even in the night. Ensure you have night bulbs all around the house — a dark house donates poverty and depression.

Goddess Lakshmi

Finally, it is said that to ensure a good flow of income in the house, the inmates should regularly pray to Goddess Lakshmi and keep their money in a safe and clean environment.




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