Do You Know About These Benefits Of Amla?

Alma (also called Amalika (sanskrit), Phyllanthus emblica (scientific term) or Indian gooseberry) is a very beneficiary fruit which may taste sour but does wonders to your health. It is loaded with Vitamin C and a little thing called polyphenols which helps fight cardiovascular diseases. Wonder why your mother or grandmother urged you to have these bitter tasting little green things? Here’s a list that may answer your question.

  1. Fights Infections By Improving Immunity
    This little green fruit has antibacterial properties which helps in fighting all sorts of infections by boosting your immunity.
    2.Keeps Diabetes In Check
    Chromium is found in amla which helps stimulate insulin production and reduces blood glucose levels. It also helps in managing cholesterol levels
    3.Good for Eyesight
    Carotene is a substance that improves eyesight and it is found in high quantities in amla. Eating amla everyday can also help in treating cataracts and improves eye health.
    4.Hair growth
    Amla can reduce hair loss as it is rich in anti oxidants and iron. Amino acids and protein in amla help in hair growth an prevents premature graying.                                                                                                                                                            
    5. Flushes out impurities
    Amla detoxifies your body and supports your liver functions which makes you urinate more often.
    6. Prevents ageing of the cells
    Antioxidants present in Amla help in preventing cells from damage.
    7.Filled with nutrients
    Amla is rich in iron, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus and hence, is a powerhouse of good health.
    8. Improves Digestion
    Amla regularizes bowel movements as it is rich in fibre. It stimulates gastric juices and reduces constipation. It allows more nutrient absorption and also improves your appetite.                                                                                  9. Clears Skin
    Amla can help in clearing marks and pigmentation of the skin. It oxidizes melanin and closes skin pores.
    10. It can be used for home made remedies
    You can use it to:
  • Clear dandruff: dab amla juice in your scalp.
  • Cure acidity: eat a tsp of dry amla powder along with honey right after the meal.
  • Cure cold: have amla juice with honey.
  • Clear Constipation: 1 tsp of amla powder with lukewarm water at night.Now that you know about the wonders of amla, use it to your benefit by eating it raw or in the form of a murabba, chutney or juice. Go healthy with Amla!
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