Automatic writing is a distinctive psychic ability to channel or connect with higher spiritual guides or our departed loved ones .Automatic writing is a peace provider in those hard times when we feel all alone. A message or guidance from those who were our dearest and had left their physical form gives such a feeling ,that such emotions cannot be expressed in few sentences over here.

Also known as psychography, it is an psychic ability which allows a person to produce messages in written form. These words arise from spiritual ,subconscious or other supernatural source.

How to tune in for Automatic Writing

First step in automatic writing is to be clear of your questions about which you want guidance. The more clear you are in what you want to know , the better results you will get.

It is better to write your questions on a paper or notebook.

It is highly recommend to  call  Divine white light , as well as your spirit guides and guardian angels.

Then  ground and center your energy, open your chakras, and connect with Divine light.

A person with wandering thoughts cannot perform automatic writing. One need to relax his mind by doing a brief meditation or breathing exercise so as to relax his mind. Another way of relaxing your mind is to try some visualization technique

Now the next which follows this process of automatic writing is to enter into a gentle degree of trance which can be done by listening to mantras, breathing techniques, self -hypnosis .A person may adopt technique which suits his best.

Whatever comes in your mind write without judging it. If you are not able to focus on it and are judging meanings of what is being written from your hands, then gently bring yourself back to trance practice and try again.

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