Mahadasha Effects on the basis of Houses:

1stHouse: If the lord of 1st house is strong then native will rise to a high position, happy, maintain good health, prosperity will increase. Whereas weak or ill place lord gives ill health, mental worries, fear of imprisonment, humiliation, funeral rites, frustration, loss of position & misfortunes.

2nd House:Well placed and strong 2nd lord will bless the native with wealth, success due to speech, money through lectures, good food, good daughters, family members will grow in numbers, happy period in the dasha of 2nd lord. Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives lot of expenses, wrath of king, eye trouble, not stick to his words, act stupidly before audience. Distress or death, if 2nd lord is malefic then AD of malefic gives loss of wealth through theft and fire, fall from Position.

3rdHouse:Strong 3rd lord gives siblings, courage and honour.Whereas weak or ill placed lord is good for wealth but bad for sibling birth, harassed or misunderstanding with sibling, neighbours, secret enemies, loss of pride and humiliation.

4thHouse:If 4th lord is well placed and strong then native will have happiness from mother, wife, conveyance, getting agriculture land, house, higher status and wealth.Whereas weak or ill placed lord, during its dasha gives distress to mother, loss of vehicle, danger to house, litigation for property general unhappiness and disturbed peace of mind.

5thHouse:Strong and well placed 5th lord give good education, birth of son, becomes minister, gain and promotion in career, conferment of honour, religious and good nature, political success, sudden gain of money from speculations.Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives failure in examination, wander aimlessly, sickness or loss or worries from children, loss of money in speculation, irreligious deed, stomach disorder.

6thHouse:When Strong or well placed from its own placed 6th lord gives ill health, loss from enemies, servant, poverty, humiliation,  injuries to the body,loss of reputation, cattle, pets or job,Whereas it is weak and ill placed from its own sign and should not be stronger than Lagna, then native will overpower his enemies, good health, free from diseases, generous and powerful

7th House:When 7th lord is strong and well placed in the chart then native will get marry if native not married, will have happy marriagied life, new clothes, truthful, religious, high academic qualification, If 7th lord is in 7th then it gives charming personality, pleasure trips, physical strength, person loves his spouse, and Spouse comes from good family even malefic gives good wife as per nature of planet. Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives more than one spouse, secret love affairs, late marriage, or no marriage. Spouse’s health suffers or wife suffers miscarriage. Death of spouse or occasional separation, or deceived by spouse, distress to son in law.

8th House:When Strong or well placed 8th lord from its own sign then this dasha gives ill health, distress, sorrow, rivalry, opposition, jealousy, intense sexual desire, end of life, unsuccessful hope, humiliation and poverty etc.Whereas  it is weak and ill placed from its own sign and or placed in 8th or 12th house and should not stronger than Lagna then native in the dasha of 8th lord bless with favorable circumstances and progress in profession, gain in legacy or gain in import-export business, or discharge of debts, end of disputes, quarrels will settled, acquire of cattle or servant.

9th House:When 9th lord strong and well placed in the chart then native will have prosperous time in its dasha gain from wealth, health, good rank, meritorious deeds, sons, grandchildren, visits to  a foreign country.

Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives weak financial position, the prosperity will on the decline, suffer domestic happiness, disrespect from children and grand children, unlucky.

10th House:When 10th lord strong and well placed in the chart then native will be successful in promotion, power, name, fame and gain of wealth, prosperous time in the dasha. This is one of the best dasha in ones life.Whereas weak or ill placed lord then native will suffer fall from position, financial loss, disrespect, set back in career.

11th House:When 11th lord strong and well placed in the chart then native flow of money, prosperity, friends, gains, many servants etc.Whereas weak or ill placed lord gives trouble to elder brother & sister, son, disrespect, cheated by others.

12th House: Strong or well placed 12th lord gives hospitalisation, imprisonment, loss of wealth by Govt. , expenditures, diseases. Malefic planets gives bad results and benefic gives good results.Whereas it is weak and ill place from its own sign then native will spend money on good causes, do meritorious deeds, will get honour in foreign country.

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