Subconscious mind is so powerful that it can bring any fear to an end. Like we know death is certain, so is an end of fear. The only think we lack till we bring it to an end is to “face it”.

What I personally believe is that when I have a fear that certain thing I will not achieve or I can not do, why not give it a try?What is the harm in trying it when we are not losing anything from it ? Why not train ourselves to achieve it ?

One of my client was good in making paintings but had a fear of showing it to others thinking whether her paintings will be liked by others or her friends will lough a loud seeing her creations. Then I suggested her to face this fear by posting them on social media but before that what was required was to remove that fear of lack of confidence from her mind. So, I suggested her to take five minutes thrice a day to relax and calm herself. During those five minutes she was supposed to have a self talk where she used to say that “I am creative”, “I am an artist”. “I make beautiful paintings”. “My paintings are liked by everyone” and so on .

I asked her to repeat these statements during those five minutes thrice a day. When she started doing them daily, she actually started staring at her self created fears face to face which then faded up and became negligent. Today she is not only showing her painting to her known persons on social media but also doing exhibitions. She is now ready to show her art with a confidence.

What she was doing earlier was that was dismissing herself through her constant negative and fear suggestion. On the contrary, when she started giving positive suggestion to herself, she started nurturing herself with love, peace and confidence shrinking radius of fear from her subconscious mind and constructed a space for confidence there. Hence by training  subconscious mind , one can make it responsive and free from fears as our subconscious mind is like soil, it will accept any seed which we deposit in it and will grow accordingly. So we all have that power of plucking out that plant of fear and to grow a new tree of  confidence in its place.


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