Many people have misconceptions about Reiki they don’t know about Reiki they feel as if Reiki is a kind of tantric activity. But, it is not like that. Reiki is universal life force of energy which is used by Japanese and Tibitian people to cure disease and healing emotional, mental and physical blockages.Reiki healing is becoming very popular in India day by day.It has its roots in India since ages.Remember those days when saints use to heal by their power of hands.But late it became a forgotten study and originated finally from Japan.
In my this article I am going to discuss about Reiki and its benefits.
What is Reiki-  Reiki is and Japanese art of healing. The word Rei means ‘ universal’ and Ki means ‘ life force energy’ . In other words we can say Reiki is sacred energy. In which we use hand on healing technique, it is natural therapy. It is self treatment of mind body and soul.
Now the question arises that from where reiki comes from ?
It was originated in Japan. Reiki is also called Usui Reiki natural healing because this method of healing is developed by Dr Mikao Usui  in 1922. After that Usui Reiki method and traditions were passed down through several different forms like Karuna Reiki, Narayan Reiki and so on…but Usui Reiki is most commonly used practice form for healing naturally.
How  does Reiki works?
 it is simple natural healing system. It works on the principle of universal life force energy. All things in the universe are from one energy source, thus all things are connected and interact and influence each other as one gigantic body.
Reiki have many benefits but in this article I am discussing some of them
1-It aids meditation and positive thinking .
2- Balance the energy in the body.
3- Relieves pain.
4- Release blocked & suppressed feeling.
So try Reiki and feel the natural vibration around you which gives peaceful life.
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