Photo reading is an unique art of prediction where vibrations of a particular person are read. Through this form of reading ,we provide detail about a person whose photo is in question .Through this reading you will learn about vibration of person whether positive or negative, what kind of attitude or negative his way of living life, his nature etc. It is not a miracle but only an analysis with our intuitive power and lots of practice .It is a unique process , it is totally different from face reading or any kind of other reading process. In this reading we discuss about qualities, lacking of a person, his thought pattern which can help you to take further decision about that person.

Features of photo reading :

1)Helps in reading vibration of a person

2) Helps in knowing about his attitude

3)Helps in knowing about his nature towards others

4) Helps in knowing reliability factor

5) Helps in taking better decision for that person in relation to work or personal front.

So try this photo reading once and feel or know the vibration of person with whom you are working or in relationship.


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