Why do you suffer physically as well as emotionally?
Suffering from health issues and can’t nail the problem? Even the doctors are at loss? This is could be due to weak planets in your horoscope. As we already know, our planets influence our lives greatly and therefore, a weak planet can wreak havoc on the individual. Here are some important symptoms of weak planets.

If your Sun is weak

If you Sun is weak, then you suffer from low self-confidence, lack of encouragements, dependency on others, no settlement with boss, no happiness with father, less energy in body, weak digestive system, eyes problems, weak bones, pain in bones, high cholesterol in mid life, mouth will make lots of saliva, body remains stiff, regular headache.


If your Moon is weak

If your moon is weak, you will suffer from emotional problems, tensions, low self satisfaction, not able to keep secrets, extreme mood swings, hearing problems, prone to cold, TB, cough, asthmatic, power to taste and smell gets weak, negative thoughts, slow learner, problems to mother, depression, deficiency of fluid in body, less body fat, weak lungs, varicose disease, no rapid adjustment with new environment.

If your Mars is weak

If your Mars is weak, you will suffer from blood problems, low body energy, problems in blood vessels, fear from fire and thief, problems with younger siblings, dental problems, low IQ, failure in business or shares, problems with neighbours, menstrual problems in females, problems in blood pressure.

If your Mercury is weak

If Mercury is weak in your horoscope, then you suffer from problems in nervous system, problems in skin, loss of hair, get influenced with rumors, lost gold, problems in back and spinal cord, less logical thinking, problems in voice and education, low memory, low decision power, non creative, low in business.


If your Jupiter is weak

If the Jupiter is weak you suffer from excess body fat, over confidence, no favours from females in generals, tension, problems in children, weak liver, less emotional for others, egoistic, not able to take care of self family, chronic diseases.

If your Venus is weak

If your Venus is weak, then you suffer from less attraction toward opposite sex and other beauty-related issues, problems in marriage, weak eyebrow, loss in construction work of building, genital problems, liver problems, problems of extra expenditure, life goes in showing off to others, eyes problems, laziness etc.

If your Saturn is weak

If Saturn is weak, then there is no peace in life, no power to fight with circumstance or with others, problems in earning, prone to communicable diseases, leprosy, no support from family, enemies from everywhere, prone to alcohol, bad food habits, paralysis, slow in work.


If Rahu is weak

With a weak Rahu, there will be urinal problems, kids going through medical trouble, feet nails turn black or blue, blue dots on body.

f Ketu is weak

If Ketu is weak in your horoscope, you will suffer from nails go deep inside the skin, problems with children, and constant injuries to feet, failure in completing the work.

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