1. I do regular exercise
  2. I taking care of my body.
  3. Every time I inhale, energy fills my entire being .
  4. Every time I exhale, all toxins and body fat leave my body.
  5. My health is improving everyday.
  6. Everything I eat gives nourishment to my body.
  7. I am getting closer to my desired weight every day .
  8. I am grateful to my body for all the things it does for me.
  9. I am capable of achieving my weight loss goals
  10. I accept my body exactly the way it is and I constantly work on improving it
  11. My energy is increasing every day.
  12. I am strong and healthy.
  13. I choose to drink more water
  14. I love how exercise makes my body and mind feel.
  15. I am healthy and happy
  16. I enjoy eating more fruits and vegetables
  17. I am becoming stronger and slimmer every day
  18. I eat natural foods.
  19. I am grateful for my health.
  20. I choose foods that truly nourish me.

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