What attitude do you bring to your life? One of the most important keys to success and happiness is a positive attitude. We should always adopt a positive attitude towards life. A positive attitude leads to success and happiness. A positive attitude can be conducive for you to tackle any circumstance with ease and calmness. It contributes to optimism into your life and makes worries and negative thinking to go away. We should always be optimistic in our life. We should not see only the darker side of the life. We should expect only best to happen in every field of life.

Being optimistic never means to wait for the things to happen on their own. It means expecting the best, believing that the best will happen, but at the same time we have to make wise decisions and follow them, then the things will happen. On the other hand, when someone is tapping into negative thinking, then he often thinks about something that happened or something that may happen or both, all jumbled up as his mood become upset and thoughts sink.

People could be negative thinker by sudden rejection or failure. In that case, people slowly and gradually get disappointed and think they can’t do anything. They feel tired and debilitate.  One of the negative thought which is more common is self -judgment where a person focuses on what he doesn’t like about him and reinforce it. He doesn’t appreciate what he has but he thinks again and again about what he loose. Or we can say, he becomes pessimistic and has always self- doubt. Worry is also another form of negative thinking because a person starts to imagine the worst. If he will imagine by his own, ‘’what will happen if I won’t succeed?’’ His mind would sort of all the terrible things that might happen, and he will focus on what he doesn’t want.

Because of this, his negative attitude soon could be shown in his body language and gestures. He becomes lean and has the lack of self- confidence. With this thought, a person does worst itself. One should stop thinking like that. If sometimes, negative thoughts come in mind about something then we should eradicate it by positive thinking. One should dominate positive thoughts over negative thoughts. Despite finding the curse, one should focus on the blessings of life. Positive thinking is necessary because our mind is like a magnet.  If we think of blessings, we will attract blessings. If we think of problems, we will attract problems.

So, we should always think a good thought and always stay positive as well as persistent. One should stop making mountains out of molehills. This means we should not over- react and think too much on minor issues. A Person having a positive attitude is happier and can achieve success soon. It will give us peace of mind.

In a nutshell, if we master of our thoughts, we will master of our lives.





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