Everyone of us is curious to know our  future,to know what our future holds for us.All of us want to secure our future and know what hardship we can face, how to overcome them.We want  to know this before it happens.There are many astrological studies by which we are already doing so like palmistry, ,crystal ball ..Like them there is one more branch of astrology which is known by the name Ramal Shastra  where dices “PASE” are used to predict the future.These dices are made with mixtures of various kinds of metals using four element from pancha tatva except “akash element” and on a specific  time period in a year.This branch of astrology was initially developed in India ,we can see references of it in Dvapur Yug. For a reading of Ramal Shastra we don’t required any birth detail, with anyone’s name we can take out predictions.Ramal Shastra  is a forgotten study which was though developed in India was not taken for practice largely.Later on Alexander the Great  brought it back to  India .Presently there is an increasing scope towards studying and predicting through this ramal shastra.


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