Whether you are a person with very open mind or one with reserved,whether you are a travel freak or someone who like to stays at his place, home is most important place where not only we physically stay but our heart stays there.Everyone expects to live in a peaceful and positive environment .But due to high stress and frustration,environment at home gets disturbed which brings unnecessary tensions in life of all family members replacing place of healthy chit chats and joke that they can share together.

There is one simple rock salt remedy which can remove negativity from your home bringing peace in its place.Sea rock salt can be kept in toilets as toilet is a place where lot of negativity accumulates.Sea salt can be placed in a open glass bowl and kept in toilet for removing negative vibes as well as for vastu correction of defects in wrongly made toilets.When it is kept near main door,it helps in removing vastu defects of house.This salt for best results should be changed in every week or atleast two weeks time.

If someone in your house is sick ,put rock seal salt in open glass bowl in their bedroom.It aids in healing as well Another use of this salt is to put it water bucket while wiping floors of your home.This will help in removing all evil eyes.For bringing opportunities , it can be kept in office premises.It will absorb all negativity .A spoonful of it can be used in bucket while taking bath also.

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