The image of Bihariji installed in the Shri Banke Bihari Mandir is one granted to Swami Haridas. It was granted by the celestial couple Shyama-Shyam. Swami Haridas ji was born to Shri Ashudhir, wife Smt Gangadevi on the day of Radha Ashtami i.e. eighth day of second (bright) fortnight of Bhadrapad month of the year 1535 Vikrami(1478 A.D.) in a small village, now known as Haridaspur.

Once upon a time, a princess from Rajasthan came for darshan of Shree Banke Bihari at Vrindavan. She was so astonished by the prince of Vrindavan and she wanted to remain with Him for the rest of life. But her family forced her to return to her kingdom, and with teary eyes, she saw Banke BIhari with teary eyes. Mesmerized by her love, Bihariji followed the princess and was found missing at His temple home.

Brajwasis believed that one can still hear Krishna’s flute in Braj

A search for Bihariji resulted in Him being found at the princess’s home and he was coerced back to His temple home at Vrindavan because people missed him. From that day, a small veil came in between the bhakta and the Lord, so that Thakurji may not get attracted towards the love of any devotee and may not follow them .

Why Curtains are used ?

Now the curtain keeps the devotees to adore Lord for a long time and too much devotion and melting of love is prevented by this. Pujaris follow the discipline of the curtain on pretext that it is to ward off evil from the child-Krishna Shree Banke Bihariji.


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