A person can hide his facial expression, his secret but can never hide his/her signature all his internal properties can be seen through his/her signature. Some examples of character through signature.

       1.Writing the first letter of their name in capital…

If a person writes the first alphabet of their name in capital he/she always tries to achieve big challenges in their life. They always try to be famous in their circle and through their talks they always seem to be a knowledgeable person.

  1. Those have small handwriting

One who writes their signature in a very small letter, they have very small thinking, they hide so much in them, they are very secretive, they never like to talk so much, and they are very much interested in saving their money.

  1. Those who have a simple handwriting

The person who writes their name in a simple way has a simple living mantra; they have a very clear heart.

      4.Writing full name

The person who writes their signature with full name – they are clear people and open hearted, they mix up easily, they never hide their secret, and they like to live in a crowded community, and like to travel.

     5.Writing of surname or family name

The person who writes their name with their caste or surname gives a lot of importance to their family name. This is due to because of attachment with their family they are normally very emotional.

  1. Quick, running handwriting

The person who writes their signature in a very fast way, quickly those people never do a work to a long period, they always do a work in a quick mode. They never give time to understand a topic.

  1. Those with artistic handwriting

The person who writes their signature in an artistic manner, they are very creative and artistic in nature. They are soft in nature and are introverts. Only if someone wants to talk them then they talk otherwise they normally remain isolated.

  1. Drawing a line under the signature

Those that draw a line under their signature they are very courageous in nature and are full of confidence.

  1. Adding two dots to the signature

Those that put two dots under their signature they always like to show their presence in a group. They try to be attractive and they are attractive too.

  1. Low to high

Those who write their signature from low to high instead of straight line, those people always set a high aim in life; they saw their life a positive way, they always trying something to do with proving themselves.

  1. High to low

Those who writes their signature from top to bottom instead of writing in a straight line- they always remain in a depressive mood. Their thoughts and talks are always depressive in nature.

  1. Native language usage

Those who write their signature in their native language are always attached to their soil. They are traditional and follow their rituals, are soft hearted and they remain attached to their family and community.

  1. Writing in circles

Those people who make a circle of their first alphabet and end their signature there, are unable to achieve anything in life. They always face problems and hurdles in their life.


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