Parents are worried for their children.They are concerned about their studies and their performance in school exams.Parents are worried that their child studies at home but forgets everything while writing in school or under exam pressure.One of the reason for this is just mugging up pf whatever is written in book and then when child forgets one or two words in between he is not able to complete the answer in exam.Here this psychic mind exercise can do wonders.For this your can place some items like pen,paper,pencil,cloth,copy etc on table (5-10 items which can be increased with timely practice) .

Then ask your child to observe them and remove them from table after 15-seconds.Then ask your child to write the names of item which he remembers and also to explain and express those items at least in 100 words each.For example if he remembers about pencil, he can write there was a pencil on table which was black in color. It was of some natraj company .It was not sharpened ,unused pencil and so on. Like this he can write for every item he remembers.By daily practice he will be able to remember most of items and will be able to improve his expression and communications skills .So even if he forgets some words in exam ,he will be able to write on his own.So this psychic exercise can help him in improving his numbers in exam making his mind sharpen .

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