We are so busy in our life that we try to remember everything which is less important to the most important thing…Guess what….OUR SELF…In this busy life we have forgotten ourself.Our daily routine is now full of competition,making money,solving problem of some client who is sitting in some other country .And sometime  we find ourselves just dealing with lot of frustration, uttering wrong words on our loved ones out of anger which is due to our hectic schedule. Sometimes it goes to such an extent that we feel lost. But still we try to adapt to this change which occurs every other second in everyone’s life. It is important that along with adapting to change we should stay in touch with our inner self.

We might have the perfect family and friends but some time we hesitate to share our problems thinking of how others will react. Whether they will understand our point of view .or they will laugh ? or how they will judge us ?And on the contrary sometime we become so much dependent on them that we stop taking decisions of our life without taking permissions and advice. But life does not guarantee that they will always be present there to help us in difficult situations as same is the story with them as well. One should be prepared to take decision of his own life .

Few practices that can be adapted to be in touch with inner self are mentioned below .I hope these can help in making life a bit lighter


Self talk or talking to our own self might sound crazy but it a miracle remedy which helps in bringing clarity in time of confusion and will also reduce dependency on others and you will start feeling more confident. Try doing this in front of a mirror in time of confusions, tough situation or anytime you are feeling low.


Long walks will help you keep calm and relaxed. Many times we get answers to our problem sitting under a tree. Watching nature will make you happy.



Let us start questioning again as we used to do in childhood but this time to yourself.Answers will start coming themselves.It will not only help us in finding answers to our problems but will also make us improve our self ,and analyse our behavior pattern in different situations and helping us in bringing in self-improvement by not repeating those patterns which we have followed which were not required.


You must have heard this suggestion several times earlier also. Writing your thoughts and feeling can help you let go all blocked emotions .Going through them will help you know your thought process and how to improve it.



Giving time to do what you like to do bring immense relief and a feeling of relaxation. One should give some time to his hobby whether cooking, painting, swimming, writing so as to bring down level of stress and boredom of same routine.

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