Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is also a rare bead and is available in round and oval shape. This Rudraksha is blessed by lord Vishnu. In Indian mythology Lord Vishnu is known to be the preserver of the whole universe.
As per Rudraksha – Jablopnishad Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Yamraj the god of death and the Dashdigpal the controller and guardian of ten directions and Dash Mahavidya (ten great learnings).
It is good for mental peace and to remove all problems without any difficulty.
Important Details of Ten Mukhi Rudraksha
• Symbol of : Lord Vishnu
• Ruling Planet : No ruling Planet
• Ruling God : Lord Vishnu
• Day of wearing : Monday
• Recommended for: insomnia, instability of mind and to find direction in life, Prolonged Cough.
• Influence on body organ : Heart power
• Properties: It eliminates the suffering caused by the influence of nine planets and protects from black magic, evil eye and averts untimely deathand adverse impact running a business.Also helpful in solving court cases and disputes.
• People’s experience: Fear of apparitions and fear of ghosts get eliminated.
Benefits of Ten Mukhi Rudraksha
It is used to correct the vastu dosh and helpful for ridding human misery caused by unexplainable problems like ghosts, black magic and acts of enmity.

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