Palmistry is prevalent in most parts of the world right now. There are various names to palmistry. In the west, the other name for Palmistry is chiromancy. Due to the first and second world wars, we had seen the grand larceny and plagiarizing of holy and celestial records. So, no one can really testify to the roots of any form of arts pertaining to a spiritual or religious context. So here I am, I will try and give you an insight into Palmistry today.

Palm reading or Chirology is a study that claims to foretell the future through the study of the palm. The people who practice this art are called as palmists or hand readers or chirologists. Due to contradictions between different palmists and the lack of evidence that support a palmist’s predictions, Palmistry or Chiromancy is considered a pseudoscience by academics.

Ultimately for most part of palmistry, its roots are dated back to the Asian subcontinent, from India through the Hindu astrology, to the Chinese Yijing and Roma(gypsy) fortune tellers. There are various methods to Palm reading that are being followed. By reading the palmic patterns on the hands, with the help of shapes and sizes of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints, skin color, texture, shape of the palm etc.

Several thousand years ago, the Hindu sage Valmiki is thought to have written a book comprising 567 stanzas, the title of which translates in English as The Teachings of Valmiki Maharishi on Male Palmistry. Well that’s what is thought, but there are other records from the Greek Mythology that suggests it originates from Greece. The palmistry from Greek Mythology relates each area of the palm and fingers to a Greek God and Goddess, and the characteristics of that area closely depict the character of the God or Goddess. For example, the right finger is associated with the Greek God Apollo and the characteristics of the ring finger go hand in hand with the subject’s dealings art, music, fame, wealth etc.

For all forms of palmistry, usually the predictions start with the active hand, that is for a righty and lefty. Here is commonly what all forms of predictions are based on and for all cultures.

  1. Luck Line:

Luck line begins from the bottom of the palm. In planetary terminology, it is said to begin from the mount of the Moon and end at the mount of Saturn; and the longer and deeper in color the line is found to be, the more luck is said to be possessed by the subject in question. Basically, lucky people achieve success wherever they put their hand into.

  1. Education Line:

The education line shows up at the mid of the middle finger (finger of Saturn), up until the ring finger (finger of Apollo). Education is an important aspect in everyone’s life. Many a times, more educated people are considered wiser than illiterate people. Through this line, we could predict the level of education the subject would receive, what field of education is better for the subject and how far he would go.


  1. Success Line:

Palmists are specialists at finding out and predicting success line. With this they can predict how successful the subject in question will be.


  1. Job Line:

Job line can predict when a job opportunity will knock on your door, what kind of job you are suited for, and chance of working abroad etc.


  1. Heart Line:

Heart line is one of the major lines, and one of the first to be examined by the reader. It represents love and attraction. It is seen to start in many spots under the fingers but it usually flows from one point to another across the hand. There are multiple aspects of predictions pertaining to the heart line, like how much emotions effect the subject, how much it could drive the person to his goal. Heart line is said to be deeper and more common among musicians who let the intensity of their work be affected by their emotions. It relates to ability of the person to make romantic relationships and how much he is chained to his emotions. On a physical level, it tells about how emotions are effecting the level of blood pressure in the body etc.


  1. Head line:

The head line starts from the index finger and flows across the hand to the edge of the hand. It usually cuts across the Life line. The head line is said to represent the person’s mind, his intellectuality, creativity, communication style, thirst for knowledge etc. It is also said to dictate the approach to various matter.

  1. Life line:

The life line is one of the most controversially discussed lines. Contradictory to popular belief, modern palmists do not believe a person’s life is indicated by the length of the life line. In fact, it is said to indicate the person’s vigor and vitality, possible cataclysmic health issues he might face, the major life changes, his physical health and wellbeing.


  1. A simian crease, or fusing of the heart and head lines, has special significance as both emotional as well as reasoning nature of the subject are studied from this line alone. This crease is said to indicate the intensity of purpose or the single-minded pursuit of a goal in the person. The various branches that shoot out from the crease play a role of their own in determining the nature of the person.


  1. The fate line runs from the bottom of the palm near the wrist, up through the center of the palm towards the middle finger and this line is believed to be tied to the person’s life and career path, like his schooling and career choices, achieving successes and the various obstacles he/she might face. Sometimes this line is thought to indicate certain circumstances beyond the person’s control, due to the various the various choices he made and their consequences.


Some other Minor lines:

  • Sun line: Said to indicate fame or scandals.
  • Girdle of Venus: Thought to relate to the emotional intelligence of the person and his ability to manipulate others
  • Union lines: Said to show close relationships, romantic or otherwise.
  • Travel line: Is found between the edge of the palm and wrist and between the heart line. Each line is said to indicate the several trips taken by the person and the intensity of the line shows the importance of the trip to the person.

This is just a gist of the of a big process of a subject that has been passed down through ages of research and hard work. If you wish to have your future told, then head to a palmist soon and get your palm read. I am sure you will come out happy and fulfilled!


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