Reality on entire earth can be categorized into three main and important aspects, that is the known, the unknown, and the unknowable. The known is what we have proven with science and technology thus far. The unknown things are that what science has yet to discover. The unknowable is the secret mystery of our universe, that which can never be known, it gives our meaning in life. The unknowable is what keeps us all of us inspired, we are here on earth to experience life fully and make known the unknown.

We use different types of aspects in our daily lives logic, reason, and science to try and unlock the mysteries of life. Science, reason and logic only take us to a certain point; the unknowable is beyond all this. We can catch glimpses of the unknowable through our inner intuition. We only get to experience glimpses of the unknowable but we are not able to explain it, it is beyond our explanation.

There are many ways to tune in and awaken your sixth sense and apply it’s guidance and wisdom in your life :

  • Take some part of your time to pay attention. If you don’t slow down, you won’t be able to focus on your intuition and the subtle messages sent to you by the others. Don’t cram and stress your life with so much input that you are too busy to stop and acknowledge what your intuition is telling you.

  • Spend time in the living nature on a regular basis.When you spend time in nature, you are stimulating and rekindling some of the ancient parts of your brain that were necessary for living. You are tuning back in to the natural order and creating a heightened sensitivity to the interrelatedness of all kind of living things. You are refilling your “sixth sense tank” so that you have a surplus when you reenter the world of modern era.


  • Write down your dreams and learn to implement them. Your dreams are the most powerful subconscious dramas that plays out while you sleep. They offer insight into your daily issues and life events through different types of symbols. Do some kind of research and reading on dream interpretation so that you can reap the full benefit of all of the messages and psychic support your dreams provide.


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