What is an Affirmation? 

In simple words, it is a positive thoughts statement made to our own selves about our future or the goals we want to achieve. It sounds very simple and we usually think we can pick up a relevant affirmation from Google and achieve what we want to. Well! It is not completely untrue, however for it to work, one must understand the following two most essential aspects – how it works and picking up the most appropriate affirmation.

Affirmations Rules & Tricks

Affirmation is a very simple yet powerful technique to achieve once dreams if practiced in the correct way. Let us understand some rules attached to finding or creating the right Affirmations for ourselves:

  • Present tense: The positive thoughts affirmation has to always be in present tense. If you want a house of our own, avoid saying “I will have a house of my own”. Say “I have a house of my own!”.
  • Repetitions are the key: The more we repeat it to ourselves, the faster our brain will make it happen. Therefore are no limits to how many times we can repeat it.
  • Timing: The most effective time to make affirmations is when our sub-conscious is most active. It must be willing to make things happen for us. Therefore, we should repeat it as soon as we rise but are not fully awake. Also, when we are drowsy and going off to sleep.
  • Faith: One of the most important aspects is to have faith in what we are saying. Without faith, our brain already believes it to be untrue and the whole logic of its working fails.


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