Pendulum is one of the tool used for divination in occult science and is used for forecasting. Earlier use of pendulum rods was confined to locating of water source. However with development and awareness about occult arts,it has become one of the favorite tool  of the seeker for knowing answer to their query. It lets the user or seeker to tune their  energy or intuitive powers  with it for knowing answers most often “yes” or “no”.

Pendulum can be used for knowing answers for problems,for healing purposes or clearing aura or surrounding negative energies. ,For getting proper answers or desired healing one should use  pendulum  with faith and open mind and answers automatically starts flowing in from intuition and out spiritual guides.There are different types of pendulum available in market but one should use to which he or she feels connected.

Before  using a pendulum, it should be cleansed  and charged with one’s  own energy. To charge it with your energy, hold the pendulum in your hands and close your hands around it. Then meditate with it for  few minutes and focusing your energy on  pendulum. One can pray to angels and guides along with that as well for their blessing and support.

The string, chain or cord of the pendulum should be held between your thumb and forefinger .After keeping your arm and hand relaxed ask your pendulum to gently move and show yes,then no .Some practitioners ask pendulum whether they should start it now which is a good practice. A beginner should practice yes or no question answers for few days for getting hold on the practice and thereafter any type of question like best suited medicine,options for business,located misplaced things like car keys etc  can also be done.It depends on the user to do practice on one level of questions and then create another level of expertise.

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