Everyone who understands that this body is not us, but is the home where we live in, wants this cycle of getting into the body, living the life, taking pains, dying to end. To sum it up, he wants to come out of the cycle of life and death. He wants to liberate himself, “him” being the soul. This is what people call Moksha.

So, Moksha being the ultimate goal of a soul, how can one attain it? How can one liberate himself out of this vicious cycle created by the creator? To understand this, one must know why one takes birth and rebirth. Let us assume this way. All the good deeds count to positive points and all the ill deeds count to negatives. These are piled up and the results are reaped by our soul, may not be the same body of ours. This is not like a bank account, where the positives and negatives are cancelled out. Every deed’s result is reaped unless done in a specific way.


So, if every action’s result must be reaped, and we cannot get out of this cycle before both the tallies get to zero, is there no way out of it, other than doing nothing? No. Doing nothing would result in inaction and irresponsibility towards our dharma, which counts into the negative bank. Dharma is a single word which defines responsibility. It is the dharma of a student to learn. It is the dharma of a household man to run his family, not running away to forests on the name of God, avoiding dharma. An action’s result need not be reaped by us, when the soul doesn’t own the result. The human, must be detached to the result, and attached only to the karma. This, my friends, is Karma Yoga. The hardest way to reach the goal, but the surest way. Why is it hard?

Do you think it is easy to not cry upon when you break your new Iphone? Do you think it is easy to not get carried away when you are flooded with compliments? Is it easy to let go off a friend or a relation permanently? No. It isn’t. This requires immense practice in daily life and great sense of detachment to acquire it. One must be wary that the things are done just through him. He must understand that he must do his Dharma, responsibility without lack of effort, rather than running away from it. He must continue doing it, whatever may come the result. To sum up in one sentence about karma yoga, it is “Do the work, forget the result”. On who understands this, practices this and implements, will find himself walking on the path of Moksha. It is hard, but definitely worth a try.

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