Your Zodiac sign can say what kind of bride you will be!



You are a party animal! You are counting down the seconds to marry your man and also you cannot wait to throw the coolest party of all time! You are not fond of traditional weddings! You only are looking for the emotional part of it. You always follow your heart. You will probably write your own vows and leave the guests welled up with tears.


If you were the only one to decide, you would just marry your guy today and get over with it. That’s how much you care about these things! You don’t understand the whole point of having all these fancy ceremonies! You could just marry the guy right now and start living your married life but you wouldn’t do that! Why? Because you are always so considerate and you never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. For the love of your mom, you’d go through all this excruciating process.


You love to postpone things. You don’t really start the planning until it is so late to take the control of things! That is the exact time when you regret all the decisions you made! However, that won’t ever stop you from planning one of the best weddings of all time! You even manage to get the place that you wanted for your ceremony!


Even your married friends are jealous of how chill you are during this whole process. It isn’t that you are trying to act cool but deep down you are dying, you actually are cool, by the definition, with everything. This patience of yours helps you with everything and your wedding ceremony is going to be one of the most epic ones ever.


You are so picky when it comes to the wedding ceremony of yours. It is so difficult to decide what to wear, where to choose, whom to marry! So many things to take care of! You can never be 100% sure that things are going to go the right way and you have all the rights to be worried but it will all end perfectly in the end.


You will take your time to do all the planning not because you are in two minds, but because you are obsessed with it! You just love the whole planning process. It reminds you of how truly in love you two are. Your wedding would be the one that stays in everyone’s mind.


You love travelling and that is why you are going to have a wedding destination. Yey! How cool can that possibly be? You are going to pick the best location possible to hold your wedding at. It would be so glamorous that people will be reminded of your wedding every time they visit this place no matter how successful your marriage will be.


You pay a lot of attention to the details. Everyone around you is mesmerized by your taste. And you will have the best time of your life planning your wedding. You consider this as a chance to show your abilities. Time for you to shine. You will do whatever you have to do and you will do it all your way.


You lack being assertive. Remember that your wedding is YOUR day! Everything needs to be organised according to what you want, how you want it, where you want! Every single thing! Ugh, you will have the mother in law case! People would be surprised by your ability to brush all this off and wear your smile.


You always think about the worst possible thing that can happen. That is why there always is an exit door somewhere waiting for you in case something crazy happens out of blue. To avoid all the embarrassment, you will only invite few people to your wedding party. You might even run away to get married!


You are absolutely in love with wedding traditions. If you could, you would include them all in your wedding ceremony. Of course, your bachelor party is going to be one of a kind because you are always so conservative. You make so many promises but everyone knows that you are not going to keep them all!


Your first priority in life is your family. You are such a family person. That is why you want to make sure that everyone in your family is happy at your wedding party. Your wish is going to be granted and everyone is going to love your wedding and enjoy it.

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