Falling is love is beautiful but there is no guarantee it will last. Breakups happen due to various reasons – friction due to want of different things, behaviour patterns, trust issues, cheating, zodiac mismatch or simply when couples fall out of loving each other. Similarly, one’s reaction to breakups,mismatch or simply when couples fall out of loving each other. Similarly, one’s reaction to breakups also depends on their zodiac personality. Let’s look at how each zodiac sign handles a break up!


ARIES- The first among the zodiac signs, an Aries individual is easily bored. They love excitement, adventure and constant drama in their relationships to keep them glued. However, when in the middle of the breakup, they can go mental or simply combust into a flurry of tears. On the other hand, they may act aloof and behave as if their ex-flame did not exist!

TAURUS- Taurus is firmly planted in their relationship, i.e. they are very committed and devoted to their partners. When it comes to a breakup, they feel very broken & scattered. They go through various emotions – anger, depression, grief, hate & hope for reconciliation. When they are totally over their ex, they find peace & happiness in letting go. But they may suffer from separation anxiety.

GEMINI- Geminis are unpredictable. They may be completely in love one day while tomorrow they will break up. Once convinced the relationship isn’t good enough, they will bolt right out of it. They always have a plan B or will simply get busy with their professional commitments to deal with break ups.

CANCER- The loving Cancer is devoted to their partner. They are sensitive and need security as well as a need to be showered with love. Naturally, a Cancerian does not handle breakups well. They simply cannot understand why their partner doesn’t want to be with them. When things go sour, they start to nag, emotionally blackmail and even become stalkers!

LEO- A Leo thinks no end of themselves, i.e. they are the gift of god to mankind. They are true divas and feel they can never be the wrong one in the relationship. They have a constant need to prove their partners wrong and it should be their partner who should apologize first. When they break up, they hope against hope and think their partner will come back to them almost immediately because they were the best. When their ex doesn’t return to them, they throw hissy fits and tantrums!

VIRGO- The practical Virgo will know the real depth of their relationship soon into the partnership. If it is a simple fling, they may remain emotionally detached but if they have fallen for the person hard, they will do anything to keep the relationship together. They may try to keep it together because they might not know how to let go anymore. If a lost cause, they will walk out of it but if they were too involved, a break up might do damage and they will suffer from trust issues!

LIBRA- Libras want everything to be perfect. If their love is fizzing out, they’d expect their partner to fall in love with them again! They may turn the table in their favour  by making it seem that it was in their best interest. They will easily move on.

SCORPIO- The intensely mysterious Scorpio has deep-seated emotions. They are plotters of revenge when it comes to dealing with people who have wronged them, cheated them or dumped them. No, break up, however, mutual it may seem, is easy for a Scorpio. Their judgement is coloured by anger, frustration& aggression. They are manipulative and will try every trick in the book to keep the relationship going.

SAGITTARIUS- A Sagittarius is forever optimistic and will do anything to keep the flame of love alive initially. They think polygamy is normal as it feels right in their head. However, if their partner becomes boring, they will save themselves by finding a new love right away!

CAPRICORN- Capricorns put in as much hard work in their love interests as they do in their professional lives. If they are heading for a breakup, a Capricorn will first weigh out facts and logically try to talk things out. They want to stick together. The idea of divorce or break up doesn’t suit them.

AQUARIUS- Aquarius are charming and will make you believe their version of truth is all that really matters. If they really love the person, they will do anything to keep the relationship intact but if they want out, they will manipulate their partner into initiating the breakup. They will never let anyone see their negative side.

PISCES- Pisces are needy people. They need security, safety and a lot of love from their partner. They believe their dreams to be reality and therefore, suffer. However, their partners are unable to fulfil their requirements as they are not practical and Pisces won’t compromise. When going through a breakup, they can get really sulky and cranky. !

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