Many of us have vivid dreams in which we see ourselves about to die or we see death of our friends or family member and we wake up worried and in fearful state. Dreaming death does not mean a real death.It means there is a need to bring change in your life and let go all negative thoughts and fear.

  1. For instance if you see your death that means change is underway.
  2. If you see death of a child ,your child has reached a milestone or entered a new phase of life.
  3.  Death of a friend or loved one does not mean their real death.It means a change in relationship or change in person’s nature towards you.
  4.  When we see dead bodies, that means major problems and hurdles of our life are about to end and it a time to bury them now.
  5. When you see that you are being murdered by someone that means a  pressure on you put by others to make a change.

Dreams have their own meanings and every dream is related to our life problems  and with our fears and emotions

By doing dream interpretation,we can know many solution of our life issues because every dream have its own meaning and it reveals it own secret.

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