A lot is said to be unknown about the universe and life events. While some people have a huge degree of faith on astrological predictions, few are still skeptical about the answers they get through this prediction science. Still, you will find a countless number of people checking out their horoscopes in a newspaper or a magazine. While you may know about your sun sign already, there’s a lot that you still don’t know about astrology.

Here are 4 Really cool facts that might just change the way you look at Astrology

  • It is one of the most popular prediction sciences: It is interesting to note that nearly 2 million people in India & US alone search for Astrology every day. Equally interesting is the fact that google shows up approximately the same number of results when searched for it. Moreover, according to a survey by searchterms.com, astrology and horoscope are few of the most searched topics on the internet.
  • Nearly 33% of the Americans follow astrology: About 33% of the Americans believe in Astrology as per a recent poll conducted in America. Surprisingly, they end up spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Astrology every year. Can you believe it?
  • Obama’s victory in Presidential elections: A panel of professional Astrologers selected by United Astrology Conference had unanimously predicted Obama’s win over Senator John McCain in the presidential election.
  • Your sun sign influences your lovemaking: Certain characteristics associated with different sun signs might play an interesting role in defining the lovemaking compatibility. Aries are powerful lovers. Gemini makes up for the most creative lovers. Also, the power of the excitement and change is not withdraw able from them easily. Taurus, on the other hand, are the most masculine of all. Similarly, other sun signs also have equally fascinating characteristics about them.


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