The Akashic records are collection of mystical knowledge present on non-physical level of existence. The Akashic Records are an photocopy or imprint of every action, emotion, thought, experience that has ever occurred. Each being , starting from its origin has a set of Akashic Records. Every life contributes to Akashic Records and thus has access to the same .They are like database where every thought, or actions are stored. Hence, every information about current, past including past lives are preserved in the form of Akashic Records. Just as we have various kinds of physical libraries, there are various ethereal libraries in the Akashic Records. Anyone and everyone can access these records. .By adopting various spiritual techniques like meditation and visualization,deep meditative  state of mind can be achieved which is necessary to access the Records & one can find solutions to the unanswered questions of problem in life by retrieval of the records. One can encounter past, present or future relationships, your health issues, and every other matter of one’s life.

Awareness of inbuilt special talents and gifts
Awareness at soul level.
Experiencing a positive shift in energy
Tuning of imbalanced chakras
cleaning of negative influences
Erasing imprints of negative karmas past lives

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