In India ,we perform pooja with  number of sacred items. It is believed that each of these has a spritual meaning and significance. Camphor, is one amongst of those items.So lets discuss now about the various ways that camphor is used as a sacred item.Some of the benefits which one can derive from camphor are:

1) It  drives away all the negative energy and the impurities from the environment and brings positive energy in its place.

2)  Because of some ill effects of the wrongly positioned stars or planets,  some people suffer from Doshas namely  Kalsarpa and Pitra, etc. Burning Camphor dipped in ghee  reduces the negative effects of these dosha.
3)  There is a belief that burning camphor at the time of sunset gives blessing  of being prosperous and, the people in the house feel peace.
4)  If you often see nightmares, burning camphor might prove helpful for you.
5)Burning camphor in front of  Goddess Durga and offering flower consistently for 43 days helps in gaining wealth.
6)  It is believed that if you keep camphor in the area which is not as per  vastu , it will help removing  Dosha.
7) If often there are misunderstandings or arguments between couple , keeping two pieces of camphor in the corners of the room is believed to bring harmony between them.
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