Apple and orange are not only one of the favorite fruits for keeping your mood up bur can also be used for attracting love. Amongst a big family of fruit apple and oranges often  given as gift to lovers or simply represent love life.

Red or green color of apple not only represents passion but also implies a great shift in positive energy.However orange attraction,passion ,seduction.Fruits like orange can always add up good vibes to your boring life…But how????????? The main thing where most of us fail is to have clear intention in our mind for what we have.The point which is to be highlighted is to have full attention of a attractive peaceful,love relationship in mind while you share apple or orange as a fruit gift with your lover.Before gifting it hold it in your hands near your heart,breath deeply and visualize a pink light of love getting from your heart and going into the fruit.The more positive you are ,more clear you are,faster you will start seeing the results.



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