Apart from blessing the aura with a mesmerizing aroma, burning an incense stick has a plenty of benefits. Some of the benefits of Agarbatti are:

  1. Aggarbatti is a Confidence Booster: Burning an agarbatti relaxes our body and mind. When body and mind  of a person are in relaxed state, his confidence,aura,energy everything reaches at its best level . It is suggested to light an incense stick before a big date, test or an interview as it will clean negativity from aura.
  2. Burning agarbatti keeps infections away: Out of several agarbatti that are manufactured,some have antibacterial properties and they aid in killing germs in the air. Therefore, they keep the home environment healthy and fresh with their disinfectant properties.
  3. Agarbatti Helps in relieving stress:Agarbatti  help in relieving stress and even headaches. Certain scents trigger an immediate response to our brain through our smelling sense. Hence, scents from incense sticks help in relieving a headache.
  4. Agarbatti helps in better Sleep:The soothing effect of agarbatti sticks helps a person to fight against sleeping disorders. It has sedative properties which helps in relaxing the body and hence  helps in balanced


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