What is your biggest fear according to your Zodiac Sign?

Fear is an unpleasant feeling caused to various individuals by diverse circumstance. The fundamental and original idea expressed by these terms covers a range from mild uneasiness to stark terror, depending on the subject and object of Fear. Every person is different and reciprocates in different manner, although we have searched for few common ‘Fears’ everyone has, according to their Sun Signs.

  1. Aries – Fear of being Forgotten

Aries are fiery creatures, born with fire in their hearts. They are incredibly active and tends to make an impact, wherever they go. They want to set a good impression on whoever they meet. Specially on the ones close to their hearts. Hence, being forgotten is their deepest fear, which can haunt them at nights.


  1. Taurus – Fear of Changes

You are the most reliable of all the signs. Everybody trust and counts on you for everything they needs. You like your comfort zone so much that sometimes dragging you out can be almost impossible. That’s why, You hate when anything, no matter how big or small change. You just want to freeze everything as it is.


  1. Gemini – Fear of Routine

The zodiac twins of Gemini are Adventurist. They want all their endeavors to be wild, perfect and on time. These people are highly fluctuating, weather it is their partners or professions. They have a hard time sticking to one thing, which make them Fearful of the Routine. Routine can be boring but to these individuals it is Devastating.


  1. Cancer – Fear of rejection

The crab king and queens of the Zodiac are really emotional beings. They are very intuitive but they take a lot of time before they give away their hearts to anyone. Although, These people will always have a innocent smile on, they hate criticism and have a constant raging Fear of being rejected. That’s a reason, The will never make the first move, or won’t do so until they are certain of the answer.

  1. Leo – Fear of becoming evil

The royal sign is very understanding and nurturing. They have a soft spot for broken and naive. The lions and lioness support and accept everyone they meet as they are. Most of the time they are happy-go-lucky people. Life of any gathering, But they have a constant terror of being to rude and evil once they are provoked or probably having a hard day.


  1. Virgo – Fear that they won’t be able to live up to their own expectation

Virgo are the perfectionist of the zodiac. They hate failures, plan strategically their path to success. they apparently never leave anything to chance. Virgo Individual are generally workaholic and they never waste a single second. In midst of all this, there is always a constant aching pain on the back of their mind, that they won’t be able to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

  1. Libra – Fear of wrong decisions

You are the most bubbliest person in the world, Libra! You love being surrounded by your loved ones. You cannot imagine your life with your friends and family. And you do a lot of calculation before choosing whom to trust. You can’t always have a Disaster manger, So relax! Your fear of miscalculating and making any wrong decision hides deep within you.

  1. Scorpio – Fear of being betrayed

In professional life Scorpios are the most confident sign but when it come to relationship they get paralyzed. They are intense beings when it come to emotions but they don’t wear it on their sleeves like Pisces. They fear that letting anyone too deep inside them, can cause them extreme pain.

  1. Sagittarius – Fear of Captivity

Sagittarius are dominating individuals. They like to have a complete control over situations. These individuals are creative and wild, they enjoy adventures and outing. Anything that comes in their way of exploring the unknown can be a real threat to them. They’re free birds who love to create and build. So, Their Biggest fear is being imprisoned in their own mind, heart or situations.

  1. Capricorn – Fear of Rejection

Capricorns are not the only ones fearing rejection. We all despise being rejected. What Capricorns do is make utterly sure that you are not given any chance to reject them. So basically they are perfectionist because they cannot afford to be rejected.

  1. Aquarius – Fear of being fake

Aquarius are the most unique sign of the zodiac. They are unique in every way, from the way their thoughts are processed  to their way of condemning their words and actions. They love being around their loved ones, and cherish each relationship from the bottom of their hearts. What they can’t bear is someone being fake in front of them. Show off and unnatural can turn them off.

  1. Pisces – Fear of Loneliness

Pisces are the over sensitive freak. Being around their loved ones and celebrating their relationship with others is their sole purpose in Life. They tends to get really paranoid if they feel that any of their Loved one is drifting apart. They fear loneliness the most in deep ways.



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