The all-persuading brahman has created this body and has put us in the vicious cycle of life and death. It is our responsibility that we must  break out of this cycle and attain Moksha. This body is similar to any other machine in the real world.It is running with the divine consciousness as it’s fuel and the 6 gear wheels are running in our spine to put us in constant motion. As quoted in Purusha sooktham, the ancient vedic scriptures “Athya Thishta Dashaangulam”, meaning, “He” is situated 10 inches below the throat, and that is where our heart is. The six wheels:

Moolaadhara chakra, Swaadhishtaana chakra, Manipura chakra, Anahatha chakra, Vishuddhi chakra, Aagna chakra. There lies an opening on the head which is considered to be the eternal link between the Paramatma and Jeevatma, Sahasraara. Each chakra has its own role to play. One must try to understand the levels of his body, that he is different from his body. The subtle feeling of realization that one gets when he understands that his cosmic body is different from his physical body is when the individual delves deep within. As we move towards the brahman, we achieve the “Sat, Chit, Aananda” level, The true mind of happiness. As quoted in Bhagavadgita, the ancient guidebook for every problem in life, if one must remain happy, one must move away from the expectations of life, must be unperturbed by sorrow and joy, loss and gain. To gain this understanding, one must first understand his body’s atonomy. One must understand how his body is running with the divine consciousness in it and also must understand the reason of his existence.


As we start our journey into the life of astrology, every term will be introduced with more deeper connectivity and the relevance of understanding them. Our lives are moving at a rapid pace, my friends, don’t you want to know where we must actually reach? What use it is of, if you board a train which is going no where or going in a wrong direction? The body is a chariot running by the five senses as it’s horses. This body must be controlled with the mind as it’s reins and need a charioteer. What else can be good as a charioteer, other than our own intellect? It is not coincidental that the paramatma was running the chariot of Arjuna’s chariot with exactly five horses. It is symbolical. The Arjuna here is our very own soul. I repeat, our soul, not our body. So, as we continue the journey, let us also know about the symbolic representations quoted in our scriptures to our body.

Keep continuing.


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