Bring back that fire of love

Whether you are looking for a new partner, a new bubbly relationship or you are a broken heart person and want to bring spicy love back into your life, some small changes or feng shui tips when implemented in your life can bring the fire on.

Firstly remove all clutter and dirt from the bedroom that distracts and keep your focus far away from romance.

Try to decorate walls of your bedroom with paintings having romantic theme . Remove artwork from your bedroom that shows lonely scene, and replace it with images of a happy couple that seems to be happy in a relationship.

Moreover try to place pillows, candles, lamps in pair( 2) so as to balance both yin yang energy in the room. Placing a red or yellow lamp in South-West of your bedroom can also be good for this.

Place a pair of mandarin ducks in South West of bedroom; this’ll double-up the love. This is a proven feng shui remedy for uniting two hearts.

Try to keep your house ventilated and airy. Try to meditate with pink or red candle.

If you have a bad past experience in your love or marital life, replace all stuff of your previous relation to get away from the  negativity your last relationship is holding specially the things that remind you of a past lover, including your ex’s photo or gifts.


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